Freeway Pro, CSS & Frames

I’m interested in trying out Freeway Pro to create a CSS site and taking advantage of a few features that CSS seems to offer over… frames.

Yeah, frames.

I want to create in effect, a three-frame setup.

Top - fixed, centered with a discreet tiled background pattern.
Bottom half in 1/4 and 3/4 layout. 1/4 is static, and blank. 3/4 is a bottomless.







now my question is about the bottomless pane. The static pane at the top is targeted towards the bottom right pane.

Can I get that to be a redirect from a separate html file or must I write all the options out in div’s and make them visible? I’m so used to using frames, but I want to learn how to use CSS so I can take advantage of transparency and a more flexible layout.

thanks for your help


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