Freeway related items


Just thought I would mention a couple Freeway-related things in case
anyone here is interested. First, I updated the YENCO.COM site <

using Freeway 5 Pro if anyone wants to check that out. Always
happy for feedback.

Second, I released a major product upgrade today and part of its
capabilities is a feature to create calendar or journal websites in
various styles. Only 4 styles currently available, but I hope to make
some more eventually. In the meantime, there is no reason why Freeway
users can’t modify or create their own :slight_smile:

The style documents are bundles so they can be opened using a control-
click and selecting “Show Package Contents”… and inside… in
addition to the .html and graphics, I also included a Freeway 5 Pro
template file which I used to generate the .html and graphics. Would
be very interested to see what other Freeway users could come up with
and/or any feedback you might have about this feature.


Mike Yenco

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Congratulations Mike.
Great site and an exciting upgrade. I’ve downloaded the trial software and look forward to integrating the calendar and journal elements into my site.
Cheers, Rob Hicks

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