FW7- How to copy responsive site for 2nd language

I’m working with the Floral template on a couple of sites (for me and the missus) and I’ve come across a problem which before; in-line / responsive, was an absolute breeze.

I need my sites in French and English. My pages all have stuff that isn’t on the master (Floral template) but obviously the master is extremely useful for the common elements that are shared on all pages.

In the past, when I wanted to make a duplicate for the 2nd language, I would duplicate the master, change the necessary text from english to french, then on each individual page copy/paste all the elements that I need to specific to each page and again alter the text from english to french (so copy from ‘home’ to ‘home-french’). This was quick and easy.

But now I find that none of the in-line elements can be copied!!

Surely I’m missing something. One of FW’s great strengths is the Master pages. So how do I make the 2nd language site, because, choosing the new ‘master-french’ erases everything from my duplicated pages? Surely I don’t have to go through re-creating each page again???

Please tell me it ain’t so!

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