FYI - fading slideshows

I wanted to let all of you know I fixed the problem w my fading slide

Dave, yes I was doing the hide/ show but Not loving it.

I am letting you know how - incase there are others that are having
issues now and in the future.

SO to fix the problem with fading slideshow, I did a couple of things:

  1. bg color fixed to match the page ( i did not have this)

  2. when I fit the first pix in the graphic box (and fit the box to the
    I then drag the edges of the graphic box to the edge of the page.

  • so that the width of the first graphic does not crop wider pictures.

The combo of the 2 steps allowed the picture (if showing beneath the
top one) to be hidden so that it looks like it is flowing nicely and
not over lapping
- this was my problem

(photography page)

Thank you for all your help.

Now on to grids… yes Grids!


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