Getting a toe-hold in html

Here’s an interesting approach that is oddly reminiscent of something I tried over ten years ago, albeit in the opposite direction.

Here, they are urging you to get started in html by using it to author wireframes–something you may do, and throw away, as PDF from indesign or illustrator. By practicing on something you need, but aren’t that concerned with as a final product, you can do the work it takes to learn without tensing up or feeling like you’re wasting billable time.

In the late 90s, I was working at a massive 300+ person agency, with strict silos over who could do what. As part of my fiendish plan to convert them to Freeway, I started making clickable wireframes as part of my creative director duties, which got several of the other CDs interested in doing the same. Eventually I got to do a massive public-facing site for Tylenol in Freeway, but these wireframes were the camel’s nose under the tent.


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