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I have some brilliant ideas regarding the issues we’ve discussed last time, please read them here

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When you get hit, you flinch and cannot act until the flinching animation is finished. That’s called hitstun. When you shield an attack, similar thing happens with you being locked into your shield for a brief moment. Unlike hitstun your shield is still up so you’ll continue to block subsequent hits, but you can’t let go of shield right away. Or at least you shouldn’t be able to let go of shield right away, but shieldstun is so brief in this game as to be virtually nonexistent. This means that you can shieldgrab or counterattack almost anything that hits your shield whenever the remainder of their attack’s animation is longer than your shieldstun + startup on whatever sufficiently fast move you use to retaliate.

Obviously some moves should be balanced around being punishable on shield like that, but there also needs to be moves that are balanced around being perfectly safe against shields. And there aren’t in this game, because having shieldstun be too low means that they can always counter too quickly (before your attack’s animation even finishes, so you can’t get your own shield out or dodge or anything). This hurts aggression a lot, because even the quickest attacks are still a dangerous commitment and you don’t have that safer option for trying to pressure someone who’s relying on their shield too much.

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