Google Analytics 4

Hi, I received an email from Google saying Universal Analytics will begin turndown in 2023. Is there an easy way to add the new Google Analytics 4 to my site FW7 Pro site please?
Easy instructions would be much appreciated.
Many thanks

Hi Fay,

I haven’t used Google Analytics, but I found some instructions here.

Step 8 of “Add the Google tag directly to your web pages” says:

In the “Installation instructions” page, select “Install manually”:

  • On the screen, you’ll see the Javascript snippet for your account’s Google tag. Your Google tag is the entire section of code that appears, beginning with:

<!-- Google tag (gtag.js) -->

and ending with


Paste your Google tag immediately after the <head> on each page of your website.

You can do this in Freeway by choosing HTML Markup from the Page menu. Choose After <head> from the popup menu in the HTML Markup dialog, and paste the Google content (“your Google tag”) here.

I should have added: do this on a master page if you want analytics to be collected for all the pages that derive from this master page.

Thank you so much! Worked first go! :grin::pray:

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