Google chrome critical alert on video display

Hi all
I have just received a google error message for one of my websites (Freeway Pro) regarding the videos I have on this page

a few critical issues

Craig Taborn Press

I wonder if you could tell me what I need to do

thanks for any advice

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Just a quick comment on Carla’s issue: my understanding of the warning message and its associated reference is that third-party scripts (such as Scriptaculous) may be blocked on slow network connections (such as 2G).

I also found an article that seems to explain how to avoid this warning:

But the problem is occurring within Actions code rather than Freeway code.

Thank you Jeremy hopefully someone can update action as it looks like google is coming down hard on some!!

Do you know which Action this is?

Hey Jeremy yep its the Responsive Video action

Not one of mine, then. The issue is not in the Action per se, but rather in the Scriptaculous loader script. That uses document.write to construct a script reference on the fly, so when you link to scriptaculous.js?load=effects, a direct link to only the effects.js is added to your page HEAD. The Action could be edited to change that load= reference to a direct link into only effects.js. I am pretty sure there is some logic in one or more of my other Actions (probably Protaculous2) that could be cribbed to get this to work. There’s a tiny bit of logic required, because some of the sub-scripts depend on others already being loaded in order to work, so they do need to be included in the appropriate order.


Well, I was half-right. You can’t use my Protaculous2 code to fix this, because it also uses the original loader, it only puts the sub-modules into the correct order.


hey Walter! how are you? I wish I understood what you are saying LOL I am not a coder so its gibberish to me but I can follow direction

Doing well, thanks!

Note for Simon or whoever maintains the Responsive Video Action (I don’t see it on ActionsForge, so can’t check):

I am sure something similar to this is possible on the Google Ajax CDN, but here’s a full breakdown of all the scripts inside Scriptaculous 1.9 (final version, never being updated):

The Action would need to adjust the internal reference to skip loading scriptaculous.js and only link to the sub-script or scripts that are needed to allow the Action to do its thing.


I think the Responsive Video Action was written by Caleb Grove. There’s a broken link from that page to ActionsForge, so my guess is that this Action is no longer supported.

If the purpose of this Action is to allow videos to scale flexibly with the page, then it should be possible to do that using an iframe. There are instructions in the Xway User Guide on how to do this in Xway (see Video Aspect Ratio in the Iframes chapter). I think it should be possible to do the same in Freeway

… or if the video is embedded directly (rather than via an iframe), it should just scale naturally.

i FWP I always have wrapped any action, no iframe

Looking at the page source, it seems that this is a Vimeo video that is wrapped in an iframe, so perhaps the Responsive Video Action is doing that.

I don’t know if there is anything that the Responsive Video Action is doing that you couldn’t do more directly within Freeway, perhaps using the iFrame Action (since I don’t think Freeway supports iframes directly). If you need to set different percentage widths for the video wrapper in multiple breakpoints (as you currently seem to be doing, perhaps via this Action), you should be able to do that directly within Freeway.

yes Jeremy this is a RV action within the action ticker I set vimeo

thats all
this site was made a few years ago so this is a new thing with google

So item5 is the Responsive Video Action?

I think you probably have two options:

  1. Rework the page so that it doesn’t require this Action. I think you’d have to use the iFrame Action for this. There’s a YouTube Action, but I don’t think there’s a Vimeo Action. The YouTube Action is basically an iFrame Action with some additional options. [Xway supports iframes directly, and automatically adds options that are specific to YouTube or Vimeo.]
  2. Live with the warning message. Most users won’t see this message, and I don’t think it’s saying much more than that the page won’t necessarily work for people with slow (2G!) connections. I’m happy to be corrected if that’s not the case.

I don’t normally use Google Chrome, but I looked at a few websites, and Chrome reported warnings of some kind for most of them (including Amazon and BBC).

you are correct Jeremy. I looked at other websites on the internet and there are so many warnings way more than my website!.. I guess Ill leave it
sorry to have taken your time with this but nice to say hi anyway!