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Hey Guys,

I need some advice re google. I have recently uploaded a new site to google. I registered it with webmaster tools, submitted a site map, submitted a robots.txt file (blank), and verified/linked to google analytics. Now when I search for it on google (i.e. the name of the site “the pop farm”) I get zero, ziltch. However, on Bing and Yahoo i get top result for my own name (this was just to see if I was listed). When I do a google I get one result for my header image.

In WMT there are one or two crawl errors for incorrect subdirectories, but that’s about it.

Any ideas why this might be? Might the empty robots.txt file be causing the problem?

Any help would be greatly received.


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Hi Alan.

Not sure what you mean by a blank robots.txt file as i don’t know the benefit in doing that.

All i place inside the robots file is:
User-agent: *
Sitemap: http//

The User-agent: * means the instructions apply to all bots
Disallow: with nothing after it allows full access to your site
I read that adding a link to your sitemap in the robots.txt file was a good thing and i have not found it to be a problem, so why not.

Just googled you and your on Page 3.
Looking good!

One thing i would say looking at your home page is that your site name does not appear in text, only as a graphic, which is not readable by the SE’s. Reaffirm your site title is important and include it for them to read.
You have not used h1 tag, just h2’s

Now this is just my opinion, but i believe that if i want my page to be returned for a specific term- like my site name - it should appear on the page in readable text and made prominent in some way. This is achievable with h tags, font size, strong attributes, anchor text, underlining etc.

I wouldn’t use a h2 tag without a h1 on the page. You can easily create a h1 style to match your h2 look if you want visual consistency throughout your site for the text you have h2’d on other pages.

Hopefully this is of some help to you. I have my own opinions on SEO but am no GURU, I just do what has worked for me. I have written a couple of articles on it, mostly because i have such a bad memory that i can read them when i forget :slight_smile:

Have a great day.


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Hey Alan,

thanks for the tips.

I have just changed the robots.txt file to allow all, but not added the site map address. I will look into this.

in GWMT the red bar graph just indexed one page last night after i changed the robots file so it looks like a time issue. i was just surprised that bing and yahoo had me top for my name (obviously I am going for content, meta descriptions and back links etc).

Because I am using type kit, I had to set all the h1 h2 etc and took me ages, so some got h2, as I had already taken up h1s earlier. Now i know I can go back an change this easily.

Thanks again for getting in touch.


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it looks like a time issue

It is very likely just this - Google can come round in a week or it might take a month or more.

You really need to give it a couple of months before you can make a valued judgement.


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