Graphic Drop Down Frustrations.

I have been trying to get good, decent working graphic drop down menus for a long time. I finally figured out the Target Image Hide/Show action, and I did pretty well with that. The only problem is that the drop downs show up when anything in the drop down menu part is rolled over. I have tried adding different clear graphic boxes to block this possibility, and have ended up with different combinations of certain things showing, and others not.

There is an easy solution to this, I’m sure it’s been talked about, but I cannot find it for I think I am using the wrong words.

If you look at my site… I have taken a bunch of rollover buttons and combined them for the drop downs. I feel like I’m missing one layer or one action or something.

Please feel free to find my horrible horrible drop down menus at

Thanks for anyone who can help. As soon as I become a veteran, I promise to offer my insights on here.

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