Great Hosting for Freeway!!!


Hopefully this won’t just be seen as spam or anything…but I thought I’d share this with all the ‘freeway folk’ out there.

I’ve used’s hosting for two different websites (using Freeway) and I have to say they are excellent…

Not only are they currently giving away free hosting for yr 1 they are really good with customer support (something not many hosting companys are).

Also, it’s the features they provide that I like best. Firstly they allow you to build a blog for you domain (at an address like etc) and this is fully customisable, with a login feature to allow easy posting.

Also, there is an online gallery builder (can also be placed at: which again has a login feature and allows you to embed the content of the gallery into a page like a flash slideshow!

All in all I’ve been very pleased with their services…just a quick recomendation!


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