Guides, outlines and ruler

Hi Jeremy,

When are you planning to incorporate into Xway, the guides, outlines and the ruler? These tools are extremely important to position items on a webpage. Without them, it feels as if we are guessing when aligning several items on a page.

Also, do you plan to incorporate importing Freeway documents in 2022? I’ve been waiting for the last two years for Xway to make it possible to import a site with over 300 pages, which has been built gradually over the last 18 years. For now, we are forced to keep one Mac in Mojave to maintain the site with Freeway, for it is impossible for us to invest the time to build it from scratch using Xway, even with a new design.



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Hi Alvaro,

I’m not sure about guides and rulers. I expect we’ll do something, but they’re far less relevant with flexible web pages than they are with fixed-size web pages.

Yes, we do plan to add an option for importing Freeway content, but there are other things that are higher up on our list. Also, it’s unlikely that Xway will be able to import the actual layouts of many Freeway documents (e.g. table-layout sites). It’s possible to import content manually in the current version of Xway, but I appreciate that’s a lot of work for a site that contains over 300 pages.