hamburger menu

Hi Jeremy,

I’m trying the tutorial of Xway b2. It looks good!

Does/will Xway have an easy way to make hamburger menu just like the homepage of Softpress? Hamburger menu will be displayed in a narrow browser window or mobile phone.

This is a very nice feature.


Hi Tommy,

Not yet, but it’s on our to-do list.


Hi Jeremy, wondering what the timing on this is. Would love an update since this is a critical feature. Thanks.

Hi Richard,

It’s on our “important” list, along with master pages, tables, forms, lists, and Freeway import.

We might also be able to provide some documentation on how to do this using CSS markup (in the meantime).


Something on doing this in CSS would be marvellous, if it doesn’t take too much time to put together for us!
(My current design thinking is for using a hamburger menu in all devices, not only mobile/small screens. It’s not great for all occasions but it’s perfect for my current project.)