Help! Drop in Google Rankings after Site Redesign

Any feedback that anyone could provide on why this may have happened would be greatly appreciated. is a site that I designed last summer that has had great success in Google rankings for the “Miami Christmas Light” market. The site had a number one ranking in most related keyword searches and was the first listing in nearly all the Google maps that displayed in searches.

My client wanted to redesign the layout and alter some of pages of the site to cater to certain customers. We launched the new site at the end of May and at some point in the last 2 weeks his site has dropped in the rankings and has essentially disappeared from the Map Listings. It is not just in Google, but there has been a drop in Bing as well.

What could possibly have caused this? Especially the drop from all the maps? We kept all the same pages and links, with the exception of two pages that were removed. The text was altered slightly on some of the pages, but maintained all the same type of keywords.

I have since put the pages and links that were deleted back on the site, but I am worried it will not do much at this point. Any suggestions on how to remedy the situation?

Thanks so much in advance for any advice.

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