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I need some help, please. I have a client whose website I have biult and he now wants a Prestashop Ecommerce page for a take away menu. DO NOT need a full website. Will also have to have ICRTouch add-on. Website designed in ‘Freeway’, Prestashop will be on same server.

Can help to build this page for me.



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hi gray,
what is the problem exactly?
presta or that you dont know how to design it?
it is not so hard to make a shop. the basic is more or less css and php.
if you make one in a subdomain and make a menu change in your website to direct customers to it, it is quit easy to do.
if you first make that shop in a subdomain ( just an example) you dont have to make that menu change until you are happy with it.
in presta there are quit a few templates you can easy change in their css to make it as fit to your design as much possible.
i’m affraid i’m more zencart lover than presta, so there i can not help you very much, but basicly the presta shops are not so much different and the forums are very helpfull.
I would suggest to make a test shop first on a local server of your own and test it.
it is realy not so bad.
and ask there for advise!
make a database first, install ( or let your host install it for you) and do a demo shop!
good luck!!

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