How to update your Actions

Most times, updates to Actions are quite automatic. You download a file, double-click it, Freeway shows you an upgrade dialog, and all is well with the world.

Sometimes, however, things don’t go exactly as planned, and you may end up with two Actions installed instead, which leads to unexpected behavior in Freeway and maybe in your published pages.

If you need to update an Action in the most thorough manner possible, here’s how to do it:

  1. Locate your Actions folder. Unless you did something besides the defaults, this will be here: /Users/yourname/Library/Application Support/Freeway 5/Actions/General/
  2. Locate the Action file you need to update. Remember, the filename of the Action may not be the same as the Action itself as listed in Freeway – also, Action files may contain more than one Action, for example, Protaculous includes 7 different Actions, only one of which is named Protaculous. When in doubt, ask the developer of your Action for help.
  3. Locate the new file you downloaded, and make sure it has the same filename and extension as the one it is meant to replace. If you’re not completely diligent about cleaning out your Downloads folder, you may have an older version of the same file already lodged there. When you download the newer version, the Mac OS will rename the new file HappyAction 2.fwaction or similar, and so simply installing that file will lead to the primary problem noted at the beginning of this article. Remove all previous versions, and rename your downloaded file to exclude this version number.
  4. Move the new file into your Actions folder. You should see a Finder alert telling you that an older version of that file already exists. Okay that. Also check again for any spurious “versions” of that file, the aforementioned HappyAction 2.fwaction or similar. If you don’t get the warning, then you probably didn’t have that Action installed in the first place. That’s okay, too. But be suspicious in that case and look around for clues as to why that might be. If there are additional folders in the General folder, or additional folders besides General in the Actions folder hierarchy, look there to see if the file is hiding there.
  5. Switch back into Freeway. Each time Freeway comes to front, it checks its Action folders for updates. If you see any error messages at this point regarding duplicate Actions, go back and check around the Actions folder as noted above.

Hopefully, this will help resolve any issues you might have when updating your Actions.


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