Hyperlink Problem

That’s because your page DTD is set to Strict. When you are making a link, hover your mouse over the dropdown menu and you’ll get a tooltip message saying this is why the attribute is unavailable. Change your page DTD from HTML 4.01 Strict to Transitional and this attribute will become available.

On Wed, May 7, 2008 at 10:13 PM, Rocky Slaughter wrote:

I have set several hyperlinks in html text and pictures for my site: http://www.rockyslaughter.com

For in-site things like my blog, I like the link to jump straight to it, in the same window.
For out-of-site things like my links, I like the link to jump to another window with the website launched.

I know how to do this… but SOMETHING is wrong with my hyperlink action. The dropdown menu that allows me to select “_parent” or “_blank,” etc. is gray looking and doesn’t work. Does anyone know what I may have turned on/off to make this happen?

Does it make sense?

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