iframe as target for a link from different page

What I want to do:

Page One has an iframe.

Page Two contains specific links that when clicked will open a specific web page in the iframe on page one.

Here are the instructions from a previous post on how this is accomplished, but it didn’t work, so I experimented and found the solution. I lost my solution and can’t get it back:

The original post reads (http://freewaytalk.net/thread/view/9246#m_9332):

“… what you do is create the link for each url > then press the extended button > then press new > in the name box type “target” ( without the quotes ) > then in the value box type the name of your iframe ( i.e. iframe, fred, or whatever” ) > then type ok > and ok again."

Following these instructions causes the web page to open, but not inside my iframe.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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