Importing a pdf with the right page size

There is one function I really wish to see implemented in Intaglio.
When I import a PDF file, Intaglio always opens it with the pre-defined page size like A4 or US letter. If the PDF has a different size (i.e. landscape size, or longer and bigger), I cannot edit the objects outside this pre-defined page size margins. I have to create a custom page, and I have first to try to guess the right page size, once it’s done, Intaglio behaves as expected. So I have a dozen of customed page sizes int the Print Format menu, which is not a good thing.

Adobe Acrobat, Preview, Illustrator, or other softwares are not behaving like this. They open the file and adapt the window to the pdf file dimension and margin.

Try this here by creating a book cover:

Enter anything you want, chose PDF format, and check your e-mail to download the file. Then open it with intaglio.

I wish Intaglio were not so “page size oriented”.

Anyway, thanks for your great work ! :slight_smile:

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