Inserting photos next to text

I would like to put photos on either side of some text in Xway. On the left or on the right, with the text wrapping around.
So far I can insert photos into a text box, but they end up being before or after the text or putting a big space where they interrupt the text. I want to have a paragraph with the photo directly to one side.
How do I fix this?

Hi Leo,

You can float the images to the left and right:

1. Insert two images
2. Insert some text
3. Select the first image and enter "float" (Name) and "left" (Value) as an Extended Property (in the Extended Properties section of the Box Inspector). Leave out the quotes.
4. Select the second image and enter "float" (Name) and "right" (Value)

Xway doesn't display floated boxes as floated within its layout view (this requires future work because it's not directly support by Apple's text layout system), but you can see that the boxes are floated if you preview in a browser or switch to Xway's Web view.

That does the trick. Thank you!