Intaglio version 3.0 is final

I have been a Canvas user since V2.0 and I know the are bugs but I find most bugs can be fixed by restarting or trashing the Canvas.plist in the Preferences folder. As a used I have learned to use the User guide which is extensive and many answers can be found using the index. I fin d that Canvas and Photoshop Elements complement. I found that theBright/Contrast and the Hue/Saturation tool in canvas are more precise and Canvas has an Airbrush tool that Photoshop Elements does not have. But most other Editing tool in Photoshop Elements Quick Fix is excellent and its edited JPEG are more compatible to with digital camera software. At this time I find that Intaglio does not meet my needs. The big bucks for Adobe Illustrator and a new learning curve keeps me at bay as well. I will have to keep my good old PowerPC G4 in good working order so I can continue using Canvas.

Richard Deaton

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