Issues regarding Snow Leopard and Actions in Freeway 5.

For guidance to all existing and new Freeway 5 users:

There are two known Action issues with Freeway 5 running under Snow
Leopard due to an incompatibility with QuickTime in Snow Leopard. This
affects the FLV Player Action and the QT Reference Movie Action and
prevents the generation of alternate movie files.

For users with existing sites using these Actions:
If you have an FLV Player Action or QT Reference Movie Action already on
your site, these Actions will not be affected by this problem, they will
continue to work correctly. Please note however that you will not be
able to use the Generate buttons if you wish to add a new instance or
change a video.

For users creating new documents using these Actions or adding new
instances to an existing document:
Due to the incompatibility with QuickTime, it will not be possible to
generate alternate movie files using the Actions. The Generate buttons
will not function correctly and will not produce movie files under Snow

We are working on these issues as a priority and fixes will be available
in the very near future.

Freeway, the application, is fully-compatible with Snow Leopard. If you
experience any problems, please report them in detail to

Enjoy Freeway and Snow Leopard.


Richard Logan
Managing Director
SoftPress Systems Ltd

“You supply the creativity. Freeway handles the code.”

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I have read that the 10.6 install will leave the previous version of Quicktime installed in the Utilities folder for anyone who already owns the Pro version of Quicktime 7. If you do not own the Pro version of Quicktime 7 it will replace the old Quicktime with the new.


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