Good AM,

is there a way to do “layers” in backdraft?

look at this site i did:

see how I layered the green / ivy on the right? can I do that in backdraft?

I am doing a gardening website and she is organic and I want to put different layer effects like that…



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Theoretically yes - practically no*.

The layers (let’s call it absolute positioned) can be brought into the flow of the page by declaring position in percentage (screencast link below).

The downside:

An absolute positioned item is either the lowest or the highest part of your page-construction (you can’t smuggle them somewhere in between).

In your case the ivy would be the top item (highest z-index) of all items - right?

And there we are:

The current width of this item is 309px. The entire screen of a mobile portrait mode is 320px. So it would cover all and everything, each link and stuff below. This could be re-arranged by simply display:none for all critical device-widths. But hey - not display an important part of the page for one part of the audience? Hm - perhaps it isn’t an important one? Who knows!

*It may sound hard, but responsive means first to change the entire attitude towards web these days. It’s about construction, content, semantic and performance.

The shown example is excellent for a brochure (folder, flyer however you call it) - but not for web 2014. It’s about visual, feel and look (images are not content - just decoration) - things that are secondary or even redundant.



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