Line-height Property

What does one uses. I noticed the default is “normal” I’m used to % or pixels but Xway won’t accept this.


The Xway User Guide’s section on Line Height suggests:

“The Line Height field is used to set line height (leading). It’s generally best to use a factor (1, 1.2 etc.) rather than a measurement (10px, 1em, etc.). You can also use normal—which corresponds to a factor of around 1.15. If line height is undefined, CSS uses normal as the default value.

“If you previously set a measurement in this field, you can specify factor by typing f after the factor value (otherwise, in the absence of a measurement unit, Xway would default to the previous measurement unit).”

You can actually use pixels or percentage measurements by typing px or % (although as the User Guide suggests, it’s better not to do this) but Xway defaults to using a factor value if you type a number without a measurement unit in this field. A factor of 1.15 means 1.15 times the current font size.