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Hello all. I’m trying to build up my freeway pro built website’s traffic. I want to exchange links with other websites…first off, is that a good idea for increasing traffic? and second how do I paste the code and where? Here is a link to the sight.

here is a link to my site.

Also any other tips to increase my traffic would be greatly appreciated.


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It took me about 0,000001 second to leave your site again, sorry. Your music did not match mine…:slight_smile:

About ‘linking’ to each other.
Sure, why not, it’s a nice service for your visitors. And that’s the way that Google judges them. Therefore do the so called Link harvest farms more harm then good. (Google finds out and punishes…) But incoming links from a site that is highly appreciated, and operates in the same field as yours is always good. Same for outgoing links.
You do not have to paste any code at all. You know how to create a link, don’t you? Just draw a HTL box on a desired place, type the text they want, with a link to their website, and style the whole thing, just as you want to.

More traffic to your site?
No music, please.
Content is King. And have a look at the Google Webmasterpages.

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When optimisng a site think about 2 issues:

  1. Onpage Optimisation
  • Use H1 tags to define content, this needs to be descriptive enough but not too long probably about 7-8 words with ideally keyword in middle you are targetting.
  • Page titles should refer to keyword too, but try and use a synonym for the same subject i.e. another word for the same area someone could be searching for. Again place this somewhere near the start but I have always found not the first word and this can be seen as spam. Also use a Geo-location as Google quite likes this at the moment e.g. Specialist IT Company, London
  • Meta Description tag - use this define a bit more about what you do but it needs to be readable i.e. don’t stuff with keywords.
  • CONTENT - make sure the page has content that people will want to read, is fresh and want to link to. This is key. Try and write for your audience and not the search engines…
  • Make sure you have a sitemap.xml uploaded and sitemap in structure
  • Navigation structure should be in html for bots to view
  • Get a robots.txt file and ulpoad
  • Try and restrict outbound links to a few (3-5) good quality well established and trusted web sites. This has been argued to many ougoing links can ‘leak PR’
  • Run duplicate content check on
  • Check outgoing bad neighbourhood links on
  • Install google analystics code on pages and monitor to see traffic patterns and adjust site with time accordingly. Also, use google webmaster tools.
  1. Off Page Optimisation
  • Get links from good websites DONT link farm!!
  • Get registered with some of the better directories that is relevant to your industry and use keywords in link not just website address.
  • Don’t use software to send multiple requests for links - will end up being penalised for spamming
  • Try not to create reciprocal links unless necessary as often overlooked by Google etc.
  • Make sure that your non-www version of your website is redirected to your main www variant.

Hope this gives a few ideas…


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