Mailer Problem & Advise Needed

Produce the mailer in the link for a client and all approved to go etc.

Using Direct Mail for Mac as the software to email the mailer.

The mailer works fine on apple applications, but starts breaking up when viewing in PC apps line outlook, I have also run the design test in Direct mail, again not good.

I have been in touch with Direct Mail support for help and this is their reply

It appears there is a great deal of inline CSS. Once thing you can try is that the first

element inside is using CSS to specify the width. You might want to try setting the “width” attribute on that
element instead of relying on CSS.

Question is can I change anything like this in freeway, also how I created the mailer in Freeway was to create the graphics in illustrator and imported as png files. This includes the heading text. All the other text and links have then been placed over the top as html text and then these html text boxes coloured with the same background as the graphic. (like for the find out more boxes).

Any advise greatly received, mailer ready to go…

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