Map Areas and FW6

In a recent discussion a fellow FW user couldn’t understand why some javascript he was using to display larger versions of his images on hover had stopped working when he moved to FW6.

His FW5 site had performed with this script for years - what had changed?

After a lot of time pulling apart his FW document it was discovered that FW6 writes links on images differently depending on how the image container is styled - in particular the border attribute.

It appears that in FW6 if you click on an image and Cmd+K to add a hyperlink then all is well - standard link code is written.

However if you have a border applied to your image (and lets face it that is a common use case) then FW will unhelpfully create a Map Area for the link.

Now it has been standard practice for FW to create Map Areas for links on images if they are irregular shapes, overlapping or rotated. (Map Areas use the co-ordinates of an image to determine the link area).

But it seems excessive waste of code for a standard rectangular image (albeit with a border) to have a Map Area created for it.



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