MAR - Example Database

Using MyActiveRecord (PHP and MySQL) I finally had some time to update an example form and database that’s based on a project I did last year which required a simple custom solution for collecting form submissions with a basic admin area which was later integrated with a Freeway site for another FW user. Not knowing anything about MAR and on Walter’s suggestion I took the plunge (with a lot of assistance). Keep in mind that this particular example does not try to reinvent the wheel and is intentionally simple. That said, it can be as complex as you need it to be, assuming you know how to extend it.

I’m posting this not because my example is anything groundbreaking but to encourage those of you who may want to try your hand at building a custom database but don’t have the experience to give it a try. For me, with no prior programming experience, the learning curve was a vertical line; lots of shivering and sobbing in the corner…but I did it, though admittedly my approach was not the path of least resistance. As has been mentioned here many times by myself and others a copy of PHP & MySQL Web Development will help greatly with the fundamental concepts, though not specifically with the MAR application itself.

Walter’s current copy of MAR is at <> and I have one at Beanstalk (subversion) that mirrors the below example.

Feel free to submit the form then access the admin area and edit/delete your post if you like. You can also submit a blank form to see how the error handling looks. I can’t guarantee that I’ll be able to answer any MAR questions but I’m sure one of the PHP/MySQL savvy people here will be able to.