media players in tabs

Recently I had to toss together a quick site to replace an .asp site that died (original webmaster/designer closing shop and couldn’t get it to install properly on a new host something to do with to his proprietary cms). Because time was a factor, I used iweb for the page and used Sprout to stack the music playlists of the various genres. It’s very rudimentary and a bit garish because it was such a rush task (2 1/2 hours)

I want to rebuild the permanent site in freeway, reproducing much of the functionality of the old .asp site but want to stick to html and php and need help figuring out how to stack the play lists in the body of the main page

ideally I’d like to put:

  • tabs for the playlists in mid-page
  • a player that can play a mix of audio, video, and
    slideshows from each genre’s playlist
  • and if at all possible a single player above the playlists
    tabs so that when you tab into a playlist that’s the
    one the player accesses

I’ve looked at wimpy rave which also has the ability to integrate paypal so I can sell song downloads but was hoping for something more elegant.

Any suggestions or direct instruction would be greatly appreciated.

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