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I’m venturing for the first into EE. I the FW action for EE But wonder if anyone has experience working with the member module. I need some words opf comfort before I move ahead.

I have a client site developed with FW. They are nowing moving to adding members so I need a database to manage this information. I also need to display member data on a site page that is sortable.

I think I can do this. I experimented with the free EE core on my personal site and got the basic weblog info to display ok. How much of a leap is it to move bup into the membership module with the upgraded version of EE?

Bill McCarroll

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I’ve learned all about the member module. I’m using it for a subscription based publication site I’m working on.

As far as the “leap” it’s not much different then displaying a weblog. In fact it comes down to using the “if” variable and the proper tags to make this work.

The only thing it does require is thinking through the process of…okay…they’re logged in, what options do they get, where would they want to go, and what do they want to see.

Post any questions either here or at the EE forum and hopefully they’ll get answered by me or Joe Muscara.

Glad to see people are using EE.

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