Missing Data

My website is getting up to almost fifty pages, and I am starting to have stuff either not show up, or show incorrectly – after I publish and upload my changes.

For instance, I have some images that are not there when I publish even thought their are in the folder to be used. The image’s link is still there too, but the pic isn’t showing up.

I also have other pages where I will have standard text with bold headers in a dark green. Then when I publish, the bold isn’t bold or one line changes the other line’s color.

There have also been instances where all the headings on a page don’t show up at all. Then I go back into Freeway, highlight the text, make a change to it, change it back, and try again. Only then does it show up.

What can I do to fix this? I used to think it was because of my old Powerbook, but I now have a brand new top level MacBook Pro and it still does this.

Please help!


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