Mootools or not mootools


This is what I am aiming for - Effects on load (items gradually appear on page load) + a fading slide show + a pop up light box. Sounds a tad messy I know but take a look at this first layout and don’t be afraid to tell me if I am sowing seeds of site failure. ( Click on room zoom to see the lightbox)

I have accomplished it with the mootools suite (effect on load & slimbox) and a flash slide show. But I would prefer the slide show to be non-flash. Sequence timer+target hide/show layer would be a fine replacement for the flash but won’t work alongside mootools. They would work with Transition FX though. But this would leave me looking for a non-mootools lightbox.

Or I could employ the mootools fading slideshow action+moo effects on load and keep its slimbox/lightbox.

However I have a concern that mootools is currently being reconfigured and the present suite and other actions seem to be written for FW4 and are wrapped up in ifs and buts that make me wary of relying on them. AND the pages I have used them on don’t validate with W3C

Transition FX and hide/show layers seem so straightforward, and validate. And since this a hotel site we need good SEO and so validated pages are a requirement. So I really would like alternatives to Mootools. (Unless of course Weaver is about to resolve all these issues in the the upgrade?).

And the answer would be a good lightbox - with a guide to placing it in FW and customising the background colour/transparency (a feature I like about mootools slimbox)

Any suggestions?

Best wishes

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Get the Scripty Lightbox action at

I believe there are instructions there and doing a search here will get you even more discussion.

It works fine with Transition FX and you can ditch the flash.

Good luck

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I have looked at Scripty Lightbox but unless Walter has made some modifications it does not do quite what I would like.
(see the thread [Pro] ScriptyLightbox (6 Jun 2009, 12:43 pm) with Walter’s answer).

I would like to be able to open up a lightbox/slimbox from a link (thumbnail) and then be able to click on previous and next arrows in order to see a group of 10 images. Scripty only allows for one image.

Possible with the mootools suite but I remain uneasy about using it and it obliges me to stay with the flash slide show and non validated pages.

Maybe there is another, non-lightbox solution, which I will endeavour to find.

Thanks & Best wishes, Richard

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