More on text handling

Looking at the Softpress / Xway website, towards the bottom of the page there are two rows of icons as attached. These have text underneath and I see that the text blocks, while remaining independent of the other blocks, re-flow as the window is resized. Can this be done without the need for special coding? The closest I can get is to make the text part of the image, but of course it then scales along with the image.
Also, having scoured the user manual, I can’t find any method of running text alongside an image without the second line dropping below the image, as its height seems to define the line-spacing. Will this ability be in a later version?

Screenshot 2021-04-02 at 11.31.50.png

Hi Geoff,

This isn’t something that Xway supports natively yet (we’re planning to do that in future), but you can use CSS Flexbox (via Extended Properties in Xway) to arrange boxes side by side.

See this thread:

Floating text around images is also something that Xway doesn’t support natively yet (it’s on the to-do list), but once again you can use Extended Properties to do this - select the image and add a property called “float” with a value of “left” (or “right”), omitting the quotes.