Multiple page PDF as image

On 27 May 2008, 8:12 am, thatkeith wrote:

Sometime around 26/5/08 (at 18:00 -0700) James F. Marshall said:

Look to the right under “Help,” for “FAQs.”

LOL! Well spotted. :slight_smile:
Now all we need to do is point that Michael Swan at this link and all
will be well…

Anyway, I still like the trick that Jacob found, importing a PDF as
an embedded object in a web page layout, as he showed
here: (The method: “When it’s
brought into an HTML box, and this is weird, it shows as a scrollable
Adobe Reader box”.)

It is certainly weird, and very interesting. Does anyone know whether
this works across different platforms on all modern browsers? I
presume it requires the Adobe PDF plugin…

This is very cool (and undocumented AFAIK). It seems to use the same JS that embedding QuickTime and SW/Flash content does, but with no plugin checking.

Because of this, I am guessing browsers without the plugin will be stopped dead in their tracks, but it seems that PDF could be added as a possible contentType to the _FWGenerate() function.

As for apostrophes… there is precedent for using them after abbreviations and acronyms to indicate plural, but the issue folks may have here is that they do not represent missing characters. My feeling is there are a lot of missing chars in an acronym so something like API’s (as opposed to APIS or APIs) is acceptable, and far more readable IMHO.

For those of you who diehardedly disagree with this… well, I’ll just have to put up with your grins and giggles whenever you read any of my documentation.


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I’ve seen people use this before:

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I attempted to do a drag/drop of a PDF into an HTML box and I decided against using it that way - it requires a PDF plugin and not everyone has one on their browser.

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