Myriad looking for someone to take over Galerie

I know that freeway has a very slick gallery showcase interface and for freeway users, that’s great. But for ordinary iweb and mobileme gallery users, not really an option.

Now that Apple is dropping galleries from icloud, Myriad’s Galerie is a great alternative. They’ve turned their focus to music apps and have been letting Galerie languish.

Today they posted this on their forum (see below), so if you have the expertise and interest to take up the project, I think it could be a worthy endeavor.

"There will be no future versions of Galerie unless someone else wants to take over the project and continue development.

The latest beta will work (apart from an issue with editing comments) in 10.5 and 10.6:
This beta version can be used with the files provided with the latest release version.

The edit comments bug is described in this topic:;action=di splay;num=1277215163
A work-around is to paste comments instead of typing them.

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