New beta menu issue

I tried out the new menu options and I am having trouble getting it to appear in the browser as it shows up in the preview. In layout and preview modes it looks and behaves correctly, but when published it is kind of a mess. First 2 images are layout and preview mode at full size:

The next image is a preview at the smallest screen size.

But this is what both sizes look like in the browser. I’ve tried Firefox, Safari and Chrome and they all so the same thing.

The links work correctly, but there is a strange checkbox in the top left corner, and the navigation bar reverts to a bulleted list as a vertical column rather than along a single line.

I placed the menu box as an inline item because that’s where I want it to appear on the page and it’s OK if it scrolls up.

Any advice is appreciated.

Hi Bert,

It looks like you haven’t uploaded the CSS file that styles the menu.

When you upload an Xway site, you need to upload everything that is inside the Site folder. The easiest way to do this is to use the Synchronise function that most FTP programs provide. This allows you to synchronise your local Site folder with your online folder.

Aha, thank you. That fixed it. Appreciate the quick reply.