New simple site updated from freeway to Xway

Wasn’t as easy as I thought, and a few design compromises but works quite well on my screen and phone. Once set up with cyber duck for uploading, updating is simple.

I would like to see what other people have created with Xway


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Hi Everyone. I did struggle to get CyberDuck to work correctly, but eventually managed it. Here is my website (designed using X-way): Applied Design

My designs are not quite as good as Martins excellent technical illustrations.

Regards, Trevor

This my site designed with Xway based, in part, on the previous Freeway site.

Here’s my site based largely on the previous Freeway design:-
Currently working on an update to incorporate hamburger menu for phone screens.

A curiosity… How did you create the contact form?
Could you give us a recommendation?
Thank you.

I use Cognito Forms. It’s a subscription service but worth it for me as I use it for several websites and I can easily set up quite complicated competition entry forms.

Pure Xway: