Newbie optimisation question

Hello all. I have been following threads in FreewayTalk for a while in a silent way, and I have picked up so much good stuff. Now I have a question, so I am finally breaking cover.

I am putting together a site at the moment which, at the client’s request, is pretty image rich. There are also quite hefty image slideshows (thanks to Weaver’s great Mootools bundle), so the whole site is pretty much a broadband only experience.

What I really want to do is improve on the loading time of the architectural elements of the site - especially the top banner. It’s a mixture of PNG and JPEG elements, so there may not be much more I can do without negatively impacting on the image quality (which is a no-no), but if anyone has any clever ideas, especially about convincing browsers not to reload every graphic element every time a page is requested, I’d love to here 'em!


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