newbie problems with glow, drop shadows


I am a newbie frusturated in trying to understand how drop shadows and glow work (or don’t work) in graphics items. For example, I have a graphics item with a perfect green glowing outline. When I copy and paste this item to another part of my page however, the green glow turns ugly black. In both cases, the item is in layers mode and sitting on top of a larger item with a blue background.

I have been told I need to unclick the layers option. But the glow works perfectly in the first instance with layers turned on, while unclicking layers on the copy with the ugly black glow was unsucessful.

Any advice? - this is one of several problems I’m having that are similar. All I am doing is copying and pasting items and I cannot understand what is the difference between the original and the copy. And what is underneath them is the same too! thanks -BTW I’m running an iMacG4.


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