Page on state using text link style action

I’m developing a small site for nonprofit run by a lawyer client and using the text link style action on the navbar. I recall in the past that I was able to set the navbar colors and apply the text link style action on the master page which propagated to each page, then I could go and change color of the page name on each page to show which page the visitor was on. But this time, when I go to change the text on the individual page, it still shows up as burgundy but the text is underlined. Here’s what I’m talking about:


Has something changed? Am I doing something wrong? Using Freeway 7.1.4.

Thanks in advance.

(ps: I seem to have accidentally deleted my post so apologies if there are duplicates)

Hi Richard,

Can you post a screenshot of what the Text Link Style settings are (in the Actions palette) on the instance page’s navigation bar (e.g. for the Home page)?