Page used as email signature/blasts

I created this page

I read a tutorial online where I can open that page in Safari, save it as an archive in my Mail/Signatures folder to assign it to my accounts. (I am also using GMail via the mail app as POP).

The page was created in FW and it is fine, as you can see. But, when I reply to a message, there is a large blank area after the signature. I thought it was due to the page set to 600px, but I changed it to 20px and it still does it. Is there something I need to change in FW to make it not read as a longer page (when its used in this manner).

If this is off the wall - pardon me, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to ask! I am also looking to see if this is a way to send friendly HTML email blasts when needed. But, other than selecting “Send the page contents” I cannot get images to work. I also cant get an image to work in my signature.

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