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On 19 Feb. 2008, 8:17 am, what the wrote:

cool, there are 2 CMS support plugins (Actions) for Freeway… which is the best one really?.. like the overall winner, the ease of use, stable and and price?

don’t want to start a poll here, just a rating from the Freeway Pro pros’… you know who you are

They can’t exactly be judged that way as they are quite different animals. Perhaps ease of use is relevent, but otherwise it would be hard to compare them.

WebYep and MiniCMS actions are well integrated in Freeway flow and simple to come to grips with. MiniCMS is especially light on the learning curve as it basically does one thing, but that one thing can be used in many ways.

ExpressionEngine action is also well integrated, but there is more of a learning curve as to what the design process is and the overall concept of a “template” is different from what is normally done in a web page design within the Freeway realm. This combination of action and CMS might be considered by some more “industrial strength” as it can handle very complicated sites.

I hope that is impartial enough. If not, I apologize to those invovled.

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