PayPal Cart Linking without Mal's

I’ve been using the Freeway Shop system for a while to sell prints of my photographs, but found it quite laborious to build separate pages for each photo for sale using Spawn New Window action in Freeway.
It is now possible to generate web-photo galleries with direct linkage to PayPal using Adobe Photoshop Lightroom (my main image editing tool these days) and a plug-in which adds PayPal buttons (Add to Cart & View Cart) to each photo’s web-page.
This saves me considerable time, and gives, I think, a better user experience than I could create using Spawn New Window.
One drawback, though, which I should have foreseen: the “View Cart” buttons on the Freeway-generated pages of my site still link to the Mal’s server, so I’m going to have to remove them. Unless, that is, anyone can suggest how I can re-code them so they go direct to the “Send Money, Pay Online or Set Up a Merchant Account - PayPal” page where my cart is displayed.
Anyone know how I can do this? Or even if it’s possible?
Any advice welcomed.
Thanks in advance,

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