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Hi Rocky,
My suggestion is to start small and to build the site as you feel
comfortable extending it. You can get started right away without any
real investment in time or money. I would suggest creating your store
with the free Freeway Shop actions that ship with Freeway. They use
Mals ( as the online store which, in turn, can
use any number of payment processors. I would suggest using PayPal as
it is relatively cheap, trusted and highly efficient.
The issue of protecting images comes up every now and again and
although you can prevent the casual user from downloading your images
with tools like Image Guardian ( | Image Guardian
) I would say that you are never going to stop everyone all of the time.
Tools like this help enforce your copyright and place hurdles in the
user’s way should they try and download the images. I always say that
if you don’t want anyone to download your images then don’t put them
For the most part the images you post won’t be of high enough
resolution to print. Make sure users know that the images are under
your copyright and that downloading and reproduction of them is
strictly forbidden.
Good luck and let us know how it goes.

On 23 Aug 2008, at 10:41, Rocky Slaughter wrote:

I want to create an online store for my photos so that people can
order them with credit cards. Before I set out on this journey, I’m
sure a few of you have experience in creating some things like
this. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on how the
layout should work so that my photos a.) don’t get ripped off and
b.) look attractive enough to sell
and also the best/most cost-effective way to process credit cards.
I will also need to create a shopping cart and checkout feature with
secure information.

Is this too big of a task to take on for an amateur?

Even the smallest suggestions are appreciated.

Thanks. - Freeware and shareware actions for Freeway
Express & Pro.

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