.PHP form data supplied as comma delimited format

Hi Guys

We have a very simple form set-up on our website using the PHP Feedback Form action. Is there an easy way to get the supplied info from the .php form into a comma delimited format so I can keep a track on things in Excel?

For example. The PHP currently delivers the data to my email as this:

Title: Mr

Forename: James

Surname: Mansell

Occupation: Graphic Designer

Contact Number: 123456789

Idealy I would like it to be supplied like this:

Mr, James, Mansell, Graphic Designer, 123456789

This would make life soooo much easier.

Also, when some people punch in their contact number in they always put a space in between some of the digits. Is there an action that can be applied where if there are spaces the form is rejected?

I appreciate all your help fellow Freewayites.

Ta ta


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