PHP Header & Footer Includes

We just started a site with a horizontal, stretchy, header and footer as part of the design. Since this will be achieved through box model, the master page becomes somewhat useless for managing the header and footer. We tried Tim’s action “Simple Include Pro” but it causes the CSS Menu to display as a list. Also it does not display the header or the footer in the working environment.

Can anyone assist us with doing this manually in Freeway with PHP?

  1. How would we setup and built the pages that contain the header and the footer?

  2. How do we bring the PHP content into the freeway item that will be in a box model container?

  3. Is there a way for the content to display in the Freeway working environment?

  4. Are we able to set up the master header and footer with content such as the Freeway CSS menu, slide shows (javascript) and so on?

Regards, Dave

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