placement of an image over another image

New here although I think I used Freeway back in the late 90’s. Just can remember.
I’m trying to create a button on top of an image using another image for the button. The image postion is set to Absolute, but when I set the top dimension of the image to a %, it stays in the same relative vertical position when I shrink down the page.

Hi Bob,

Percentage values are relative to the size of the parent, which might not be the page.

In general, I would be careful about using absolute-positioned boxes, because they tend not to work well in flexible layouts.

However, if you want to position an image so that it is on top of another image, I think you could do that by putting both images inside another box (which might be relative-positioned) and setting one or both of the images to have absolute position (relative to the parent box).

Another option: if the first image (not the button) is essentially decorative, you could make it a background image.