Placing Action content inside a rounded-corner HTML box

When you apply an Action to an HTML box that has had the rounded corners (or even the flat graphic background) applied to it, you may have trouble adding content into that table. Here’s one way (in an item-action):

var element = fwDocument.fwTags.fwFind("div",fwItem);
if(element.fwFindAll('td').length == 1){
  element = element.fwFind('td');
}else if(element.fwFindAll('td').length == 9){
  element = element.fwFindAll('td')[4];

If your HTML box is empty, and has the rounded corners applied to it, you will have a _clear.gif in each cell. The last part removes that from your target cell, so it won’t displace your Action-generated content.


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