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Can you clarify what you mean by inflow boxes rather than layer boxes.

An inflow box is a box that you draw or insert within a text flow (i.e. where there is a text cursor).

A layer box is a box that is at some arbitrary position on the screen.

Layer boxes are visually indicated by having small triangles drawn in their top left and bottom right corners. The Inspector palette contains a Layer checkbox - if you turn this off, the box changes to a table-positioned box with a blue outline (table layouts were useful 20 years ago, but you should generally avoid using them today). There are position controls in the Measurement and Dimensions sections of the Inspector palette.

Inflow boxes don’t have small triangles at their corners. The Inspector palette contains a CSS checkbox. There are no position controls, but you can use margins to control the amount of spacing around an inflow item. If you set an inflow HTML box to have undefined width, it expands to take up the available width in its parent - this is useful for responsive layouts, because it means the box will grow and shrink when its parent grows or shrinks.


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