[Pro] Background Supersizer Action?

Microsoft Word is a pretty straight forward wordprocessing application, you just can start working with it without being a master. You don’t need to code in MS Word as well, do you? And for some reason to get the best out of it, you’ll have to be pretty skilled, right? Same here …

… anyone with a Mac and Freeway installed can create a website by dragging pics, texts, whatever, around en publish the whole thing. I see a lot of sites build like that here.

Some of us do know a lot of code, query, js, etc … but aren’t the world greatest designers, and vice versa. But everyone here can create ‘a site’.

Understanding the possibilities of the application is very, very important if you want to push the envelop. Being skilled when it comes to design gives you the advance it putting knowledge to practice in a darn pretty way (like shown in the Vital Cencept site). You can create this withing Freeway without even need to code. Just understand what to do, how to do it, and make it so.

This project is done (for as far as I can see) via the inline box model practice, horizontal flexible div’s, background supersizer page action, and a Facebook like action. The top menu is done via the CSS menus item action action. That and usage of decent photography, good choice of colors, well created layout. When you put it this way, it might sound simple, but it isn’t. You still need to ‘see’ this when working on such a project.

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